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Invisible Magnetic Screens

#1 Dengue + Pest Protection

Enjoy peace of mind

with our quality screens


Homes begin here.


Invisible Screens that effectively block out Mosquitoes, Lizards, Flying ants, Bats and other pests! Granting peace of mind with good ventilation and unobstructed views and sunlight.

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Invisible Magnetic Screens

Engineered to protect your family 24/7

Each Screen is carefully handcrafted in our workshop with quality materials to provide the following benefits:

Full Seal against

Dengue Mosquitoes, Lizards, beetles and other pests

Clean & Elegant

Aesthetic. Multiple Colours to match.

Maintain Breeze

with porous mesh. Reduces Dust entry.

Maintain Views

with fine mesh

Waterproof &


PHIFER BetterVue® Mesh

Always focused on the view

A class above the rest, the US made PHIFER BetterVue Mesh provides highest invisibility with added Watershed Technology.

  • Durable Hydrophobic Coating that sheds water and resists dirt, rust and corrosion

  • Preserves viewing clarity

  • Passed accelerated Weathering test (QUV 1200 hrs and Xenon Arc 2500 KJs)

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Join our 300+ Satisfied Clients who have Mozziefied

their BTOs, homes, offices, childcares, factories etc.

"It was a great experience working with the team. Very professional team, highly responsive and finished the work very neatly. Highly recommended"

Mr M. Kumar 



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Let our Insect Screen Specialist make your home a healthier place to live in:

Keep Pests Out + Fresh Air In

Our Friendly Folks at Mozziefy will be happy to show you samples and provide a non-obligatory site inspection. Let us be the final touch of your renovation journey. 

Fill the form below and we will be with you shortly!

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