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We Measure. We Manufacture. We Install. You Relax.

Quality Insect Screens custom-made to fit any window.
Each Screen is handcrafted using material from our established suppliers.


Magnet with 3M™ High Strength Tape

Our Screens are made with Strontium Permanent Magnets that are backed with 3M 300LSE Tape that features superior adhesion, great resistance to consumer chemicals and excellent holding power.



PHIFER BetterVue Insect Screen

Mozziefy uses the BetterVue mesh imported from the USA, featuring Watershed Technology™. 

  • 16 x 18 fibreglass mesh that highly effective against small insects/lizards

  • Permanent Glass Yarn coated with protective vinyl that does not corrode, rust or stain

  • Greater openness for better airflow

  • Improved light transmittance for brighter views

  • Passed accelerated Weathering test

       (QUV 1200hrs and Xenon Arc 2500 Kjs.)

PHIFER TuffScreen®

For our Pet Lovers, we provide a heavy duty screen that is pet resistant and provides excellent insect protection

  • Puncture and Tear resistant

  • 3 x stronger than standard fibreglass

Drop us a text or a call and our friendly team will be able to assist you!

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