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Measurement is simple!
Using a measuring tape, take the height (H) and the length (L) of your window frame's outer/larger edge.



*If the opening of the windows are measured instead of the frame , add 3cm allowance to both height & length.

Now take the measurement:

1. Height (H)
2. Length (L) 

Ensure the Set Sizes chosen are larger than the actual measurement taken.
The screens can be installed in either portait or landscape orientation.
(e.g. 1.2m x 1.5m = 1.5m x 1.2m)
You may easily trim to fit your exact dimensions required with a scissors

Now you may select from the sizes available:

Size 0: 0.7m by 0.7m
Size 1: 0.7m by 1.0m
Size 2: 0.8m by 1.2m
Size 3: 1.0m by 1.2m
Size 4: 1.0m by 1.5m
Size 5: 1.2m by 1.5m

Size 7: 1.5m by 1.8m

You have now successfully chosen the size you need

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